High Frequency
Trading & Market Making
in Digital Asset Markets
High Frequency
Trading & Market Making
in Digital Asset Markets

About ATZ

We are a technology firm specialized in High Frequency Trading; competing in every market available in the world fighting for a 1 microsecond advantage.

We utilize our own capital and trade at our own risk. We operate without any clients, customers, or shareholders; we trade the firm’s capital for the benefit of the firm. This provides a freedom and ability to adapt quickly to the ever-changing market.

We do not seek external investments; however, we do seek to work with the best of the best technology candidates to join our firm.
We pursue not just great developer but individuals with strong work ethic, loyalty, and a competitive mind.

Our focus is on high performance. We have a result-driven work environment where every person in ATZ is incentivized and rewarded according to their performance.

Our Vision

Trading in every market available in the world, generating low risk profits through technology and market insight.
Growing stronger and better through learning from the industry top competitors.
Recruiting the very best and capable candidates but more importantly, with high work ethic and loyalty.

Our History

Since the foundation, technology was the backbone of everything we do at ATZ. We research and design High Frequency Trading algorithms and implement complete end-to-end trading systems running the highest-performing proprietary software stack, using the most innovative networking and communications techniques

| 2017 Founded in Seoul as technology driven proprietary trading firm covering US Equities and Korean derivatives market.
| 2018 Launched High Frequency Trading Research operation.
| 2019 Started Digital Asset High Frequency Trading.
| 2020 Started Digital Asset Market Making in global exchanges.
| 2021 Reached monthly trading volume over $1 billion.
Launched Crypto investment arm.

Proprietary Trading

We trade for our own account in major markets across the globe. No outside investors. No third-party funds. So, we can be innovative and nimble,while using our market experience to prudently manage risk.

We have the team and infrastructure in place to drive business forward without the inefficiencies that hold back other organizations.

High Frequency Trading

As the race to Zero-Latency continues, it is crucial to maintain technological advantages such as computational power and network infrastructure. Low latency is more important when you are competing against the global trading firms fighting for 1 microsecond advantages.

ATZ is specialized in processing High Frequency Data and developing Ultra-low-latency trading algorithms that capture 1 microsecond advantage.

Competition is our game. We hope to compete in every financial market available across the world generating profit through technology and market insight.

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